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It’s been some agitated months lately for me, I quitted working at JustLanded after almost two years there and then went working for some consulting, the experience was not so great, actually it was really bad, the kind of experience that has made me learn to choose very carefully my future career moves and never again believe in marketing people. Fortunately I got an offer to work at XING offices in Barcelona, so I packed my stuff and moved there. Now this is a really good place to work, everything was as we talked, they’ve been very helpful with my relocation and the environment is great, lots of smart people that want to do a good job, so nowadays I’m very happy and enjoying my new city.

Since moving to Barcelona I’ve been keeping myself very busy contributing to some open source projects as Rubinius, Rinari and lost of elisp stuff and it’s been awesome. I’ve also released a new project called filet, which is a DSL to write acceptance tests on top of Test::Unit, with some nice extra features, but that will be subject of a future post.

Also since I started working at XING they got me a MacBook Pro, so it was a big switch for me since I’ve been using Ubuntu for years. After a couple of months I can say I’m really used to the new OS, though I still use Ubuntu every now and then, but getting there was not always easy. The first thing I missed was a package manager a la APT, the lesson learned is that if you value your sanity you will just uninstall macports and use homebrew. Another thing I was missing was maximizing windows, for that there is a tool RightZoom that makes them actually maximize. I also struggled a bit to get emacs and my configurations working, since I didn’t wanted to stay on emacs 22 which ships by default with OSX. I tried Aquamacs, Carbon Emacs, etc and finally settled for the package at

So it took me a while to write this post, I’ve been procrastinating it for far too long, so now I hope I can go back to publishing on a more regular basis.

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