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I’ve been developing some new mailers at work, and I’ve found it really helpful to be able to view the emails as they are sent to the users. So I’ve implemented a cucumber step to help me achieve that, inspired on a similar webrat step for web pages.

Inside a support file for cucumber, like features/support/open_email.rb, insert the following code:

module SaveAndOpenEmail
  include Webrat::SaveAndOpenPage
  def save_and_open_email(email)
    return unless File.exist?(saved_page_dir)
    filename = "#{saved_page_dir}/email-#{}.html", "w") do |f|
      f.write email.to_s

Then in your step definitions, you can implement a step like this

Then(/^show me the emails?$/) do

UPDATE: As of version 0.2.2 of pickle, they already include this functionality, although it has a bug which has not been fixed. If you try to call that step, you will see:

undefined method `open_in_browser' for #<Cucumber::Rails::World:0x..fdb4951fa> (NoMethodError)

To fix it, as a workaround do this in features/support/email.rb

require 'pickle/email'

Pickle::Email.module_eval do
  include Webrat::SaveAndOpenPage

By Jorge Dias on

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